About us

eStudioCalamar is a strategic design agency for customer-oriented communication media both printed and in digital format: designed to leaf through, or maybe click and like, but always with the aim of maximum recognition. We specialize in corporate, editorial and event design, we create visual identities for companies and products of all types and sizes.

We are committed to aesthetic appeal and the highest quality possible. For us, each project is our most important project. Whether successfully positioning special products and services, or creating visually unforgettable corporate identities, we don’t merely provide a service to our customers, we accompany them each step of the way.

Our designs are characterized by an attention to detail that always takes into account the bigger picture. We’re convinced that even in the digital age, effective design requires precise craftsmanship and experience. Good design doesn’t just happen, we develop it.

Any design work we carry out is always a balance between commercial standards and a solid conceptual basis. In order to achieve the best possible results, we need to understand our clients and their clients. That’s why we dig deeper than the rest and study each project individually in order to find original and innovative solutions. eStudio Calamar doesn't merely create beautiful surfaces, we create design with depth.

We provide our expertise of many years simply and directly. And because extraordinary jobs sometimes need extraordinary teamwork, we will work together with our Friends in Design Network partners if necessary to provide the design solutions you need for any special projects.

Get visually fit with eStudioCalamar.


Friedhelm Steinen-Broo

Also the founder of the Catalonian design agency eStudio Calamar, Friedhelm Steinen-Broo created Friends in Design in Berlin in 2012. With over 35 years of experience in newspaper, graphic and book design as well as typography, quality isn’t a possibility, it’s guaranteed. His portfolio includes both complex and multi-faceted design concepts for international publishing houses and corporate designs for small and middle sized companies. His long-term customers include Springer Science+Business Media, publishing house Kosmos and special-cable manufacturer Hradil.

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